Balala & Abed is a Kenyan law firm based in the city of Mombasa whose objective is to deliver sound, competent, and practical legal services to meet the needs of the demanding and rapidly growing business and general community within Mombasa and the Republic of Kenya as well as regionally within the East African community and the COMESA member states.

Situated within Mombasa the firm has branched out into two modern offices for the convenient accessibility of our clients.

Within the Island, our offices are located along Mikindani Street, close in proximity to the Town Centre, Mombasa Law Courts, Town Hall and the Lands Registry. This office deals primarily with litigation work.

In Nyali, our offices are along Nyali Road, just past the Nyali Cinemax, in the  Shree Plaza, 4th Floor.  The core business of conveyancing and commercial work is handled from this  office. In addition, the firm offers consultancy services for a range of clientele from both the private and public sector from these offices.

The Firm is modern and fully computerised with a comprehensive, legal online and physical law reference library containing the very latest legal publications relating to current case law from both our local and foreign common law jurisdictions.


The firm’s client base has grown over the years to include Banking institutions; Corporate Clients; Insurance Companies; Property Developers; Individual Property owners Institutions; Trading companies in various sectors and Private Individuals. The firm has also acted for a number of Government Agencies and parastatals, including advisory and related services to various County Governments.


Fees likely to be incurred in a transaction will be discussed at an early stage.  The nature of the work to be undertaken often makes it impracticable to give a firm estimate but based on our previous experience of similar transactions we will be prepared to give an indication of the likely level of expense.

Our fees are calculated on the basis of the Advocates Remuneration Order. For some types of work (principally conveyancing transactions), there is a statutory scale of charges.

Where no scale of charges are to be applied our fees are calculated in accordance with the Fifth Schedule to the Advocates Remuneration Order which requires us to take into account a number of factors including the time involved, the nature, complexity and urgency of the work to be undertaken.

For debt and rent collection exercises, for instance, our usual charges are 10% of the amount collected.

We will always review with the client whether the likely out-come of litigation justifies the risk and expense involved. We will however always require a deposit to cover the filing fees and anticipated disbursements in any litigation matter, which amount will be taken into account on a final fee note being raised.

In special cases, a retainer arrangement may also be entered into where the circumstances permit.

Except in the case of the provision of export services or services rendered to certain exempt organisations, Value Added Tax (currently at the rate of 16%) is payable on our fees and some disbursements.