The judicial sector is the only body to which we as Kenyans turn to when in search of justice. It saddens one to realize this is easier sought than done. One encounters many challenges in our so called independent courts. It comes as no surprise that matters in the courts attention are instituted as files. These files are the backbone of the judicial process seeing as nothing can be done without their presence. Poor record keeping and loss of files … Continued

The ‘Monster’ called Lawyer

Law is a phenomenon which affects each and every sector of society in a vast number of ways of which a majority of Kenyans do not appreciate. Many still hold the myth that a lawyer is only required in times of judicial distress. Many transactions that are considered ‘normal’ are in fact legal in nature. From the dealings with the mama mboga down the street to the supermarkets we frequent, all contain an essence of contract and thus an essence … Continued