The Firm engages in all key aspects of civil legal practice including all areas of corporate and commercial work, property and litigation as well  as consultancy services on legal matters and legislative drafting.

Securities and Banking Law:

The firm has created an excellent reputation in the Banking industry providing timely and efficient legal advice in the creation of securities including charges, mortgages, debentures and loan agreements. Our legal expertise covers the entire spectrum of banking practice including banking under Sharia law.  Aware of the pressures of the commercial and business interests of its clients, the firm is continually increasing its capacity in order to harness its expertise and experience in creating a track record of excellence in legal documentation and quick turn-around times.

Real Estate:

The Firm is highly experienced all matters of Kenyan Real Estate.  Handling  a wide variety of property transactions for local and international land holding companies as well as individuals, the firm offers compelling pragmatic legal expertise: inadvising on property rights, handling transfer of properties, leases, Sectional property transactions and structuring the increasingly common long-term leases for Property Developers.

Commercial/ Business law:

The firm offers the business community its efficient expertise in the entire gamut of commercial legal services.  The firm guarantees the efficient registration of business enterprises, and Incorporation of Companies; registration of Trade and Service Marks; structuring commercial Contracts;  Joint Venture agreements; and  giving sound legal opinions on Company Law matters. The firm also forms and registers Trusts, Non-Governmental Organisations, Companies Limited by Guarantee, and registers international companies under the Companies Act  as local  Branches of Foreign company.

The firm offers Company Secretarial services for a number of companies..


The firm has over the years built a solid reputation for its Civil Litigation expertise in the lower Courts, High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.The bulk of its Court matters involve the highly successful prosecution of Debt Collection for Banks and Individuals; Recoveries; Security realisation; and matters arising from Commercial Disputes; including enforcement or interpretation of Commercial Agreements, Leases and various Property management conflicts. The firm is well known for the accomplishment of efficient resolution of claims in favour of its clientsusing Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms such as Arbitration; and has successfully taken its clients through various Tribunal hearings.

In litigation relating to Administrative law and Constitutional Applications, the firm has a proven track record having successfully steered its clients through the related litigation processes.

The firm has also built years of experience in handling Tort and Insurance claims; and providing legal opinions on all aspects of insurance.

Litigation in Criminal matters is however more restricted and selective.

Labour and Employment Law:

The Firm has over the years developed significant experience in advising clients on Employment, Labour and Human Resource Management issues, representing them in negotiations and litigation where necessary.

Probate and Estate Administration:

The Firm has in the High Court and Kadhi’s Court successfully handled various  Probate and Administration matters and ably  resolved contentious Estate management matters, and advised myriad clients on all matters Probate including  on the preparation of Trusts  and Wills.